Expert Interior Design Tips and Techniques for Smaller Spaces


While tiny spaces might seem daunting to decorate, they offer a unique opportunity to exhibit creativity and style. Leveraging the guidance from our team of experienced designers, learn to embrace confined areas with these innovative small room interior design ideas.

Expert Interior Design Tips and Techniques for Smaller Spaces

1. The Power of Mirrors

A tried and true method – mirrors not only reflect light but also create the illusion of extensive depth in smaller rooms. Such a subtle tool can make confined spaces seem larger than their real dimensions.

2. Embrace Light Hues

While darker hues exude a cozy vibe, they can shrink a small room. Incorporating light colors such as whites and pastels enhance brightness, giving your area an airy and expanded feel.

3. Elevated Furniture

Choosing furniture on legs gives the illusion of free space by providing an unobstructed floor view. Whether it’s your sofa or kitchen cabinets, this technique can effectively augment limited spaces.

4. Upright Storage

Maximizing vertical room instead of horizontal can be a game-changer. Implementing vertical storage solutions like tall shelves can efficiently use up high areas without compromising the floor space and simultaneously declutter your room.

5. Smart Lighting

Luminosity can dramatically transform any room. Dispersing various light sources around your small space offers balanced illumination, creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

6. Foldable Furnishings

Practical and budget-friendly, foldable furniture like tables, chairs, or convertible beds not only save valuable space but also add uniqueness to your room when not in use.

7. Oversized Rugs

An appropriately selected and placed oversized rug enhances room dimensions while adding a pop of color and personality. Here’s a pro tip – ensure all your furniture rests on it.

8. Smart Curtain Placement

If you want to add the illusion of increased height to your room, hang your curtains at the ceiling level instead of the window ledge. Combining this with light, sheer fabrics creates a soft, open, and spacious atmosphere.

9. Playing with Transparency

Materials like glass and lucite can seamlessly blend into the room without occupying visual space. From coffee tables to shelves, they serve functional purposes while maintaining a light and airy aesthetic.

10. Multi-purpose Furniture

Small space interior design demands furniture that can serve multiple functions. Items like beds with storage drawers or storage ottomans add functionality and maximize the usage of limited spaces.

11. Fewer but Larger

Cramming many small pieces into a tiny area can be counterproductive. Opt for fewer but larger statement pieces to retain the room’s openness.

12. Artistic Walls

Invest in sizable wall art to draw attention away from the room’s size and towards a striking and artistic wall. According to Wikipedia’s page on interior design, this strategy can add a rich and dramatic flair to a room.


Explore the exciting world of designing a small room, utilizing our small room interior design ideas to full advantage. Remember, the scale of the room should be embraced, and your personal style should be on full display. A small room designed with thought can be cozy, intimate, and highly stylish.

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