Innovative and Exquisite Front of House Landscaping Designs


Landscaping plays a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. Today, we will delve deep into some of the most impressive and practical front of house landscaping designs. These ideas will not only elevate your home’s exterior but also boost its value and charm.

Landscaping and its Impact on Exterior Design

Landscaping is the art of planning, laying out and constructing gardens that enhance the appearance and create usable space for outdoor activities around a home. With the right front of house landscaping design, you can achieve a perfect blend of style and simplicity that will leave everyone astounded.

Impressive Walkway Designs

Creating a beautiful and inviting walkway is one of the best ways to improve your front yard.

Curved Pathways

A winding path offers a dynamic element to your landscape design. It catches the eye, creating gentle motion that leads you toward the front door.

Flagstone Walkways

A flagstone walkway is another great option. It provides a natural aesthetic to the landscape, and adds to the overall aesthetic value of your home.

Stunning Flower Bed Ideas

Flower beds are the essence of a front yard landscape. They provide a vibrant appearance to the entire exterior of the house.

Sun-Perennial Flower Beds

Choosing sun-perennial flowers for your flower bed provides you with a low-maintenance option that is both beautiful and continuous throughout the year.

Shrub Line Flower Beds

Another innovative design is to go for shrub line flower beds. These are excellent for homes with a very prominent front yard and act as a natural fence.

Incredible Tree Planting Ideas

Planting trees in the front yard can transform your home by providing shade, colour, and an organic, natural feel.

Arboreal Archways

If you’ve got a long driveway, planting arboreal archways can be an appealing option, providing a beautiful welcome to visitors.

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees can be spectacular for creating a focus point on your front yard.

Ideas for Fencing and Natural Walls

Stone Wall Fencing

One great design is stone wall fencing. Combined with climbing plants, it can provide an alluringly rustic yet sophisticated appearance.

Bamboo Fencing

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option that adds a natural element to your front yard, bamboo fencing is an exceptional choice.

Lawn designs: Green is Always In

The essence of a proper landscaping design always lies in a well-maintained lawn. Choosing different shapes for your lawn can significantly add to the appeal of your front yard.

Circular Lawns

Circular Lawns are fashionably modern and can give your front yard a unique look.

Rectangular Lawns

This classic shape continues to be a favourite, being both sophisticated and easy to maintain.

Transform Your Front Yard with Water Features

Adding a water feature brings a whole new dynamic to your front yard. It can be a pond, a stream, or even a fountain.

Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls are an appealing, majestic option that can bring nature right to your doorstep.

Fish Ponds

Fish ponds are captivating, and can be a calming addition to help you relax.

Lighting Ideas for Night-time Aesthetics

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting is essential for safety, but it also adds an ambient look to the front of your house during evening hours.

Feature Spotlights

Spotlights accentuate specific objects like trees or statues, adding depth to your front of house landscaping.

Choosing the Right Furniture

From your car to your front door is a journey that should also be comfortable, and having the right furniture is key.

Rustic Benches

Rustic benches placed strategically can provide much-needed rest spots, as well as enhancing the overall design.

Patio Sets

If you have a patio in your front yard, the right furniture can make it the perfect place for both relaxation and entertainment.


A well-designed front yard landscape speaks volumes about the house and its dwellers. By implementing these ideas, you can create a welcoming and attractive front yard that reflects a sense of style and taste.

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